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And About This….

11 Jun

Please, please, please fucking quit or at least take turns.

Totally fucking annoying. Makes watching a match about as fun as being pecked to death by chickens, ears first. Come on South Africa, we are trying here. Ease up on the death squad of pissed off wasps. Or get us all an aural Epi-Pen.

Things That Suck

3 Jun

Three words that I see continuously around the internet and I hate them:




Other things I hate that I will list just because I am in a shitty mood:

Quotes on email



Personal inventories

Baby Showers

YouTube clips on Facebook


Blowing hand dryers

And things that are always empty when you really need them:

Tampon machines

Slot A-7 that holds the Twix


Your gas tank

This list brought to you courtesy of PMS.