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Georgia Johnson, Best Grandma Ever. March 15th, 1920-October 14th, 2010

15 Oct

We are and will forever be grateful for every moment. Love you.

When my brain works again, I will put up better, larger sized pictures. But for the moment, I think you get the idea that she was much loved, adored and even pampered.

Stacey, Jamie, Evan and Shelby


Grandma and Me

9 Oct

After a big haul from the farmer's market. Just because I feel like putting it up.

I Love You. I Love You Too, Sweetie.

5 Oct

In my other life, my Grandma’s death is sad, obviously, but the script well rehearsed. As opposed to my reality-based life, it is natural, expected and well, okay.

My Dad would call. ‘Sweetheart, you know that Grandma has been in poor health for a while now. Your Mom and I have called in Hospice and think it would be a good time for your girls and the kids to come out. She is not in any pain, and I know she’d like to see you. Let me put your Mom on the phone.’

‘Hi Mom. Yes, Jamie and I will drive out tomorrow. We should get there by dinner. Sure, spaghetti is fine. Has Dad called Schildknect’s and Lake View? Well, do you think we should plan on staying? Of course I know that you don’t know how long it will be. Just, you know, Dad won’t come out and say that he wants us to stay.

Yes. I’ll call Krupp’s. No, Mom. She hates pink. We’ll do yellow. The blue dress. The one she wore to my rehearsal dinner. Yes, that one. We shopped for it for a month. No, if we buy a new one she’ll come back and kill us all. Well, it’s true.’

And then we would go. ‘Now you girls shouldn’t have driven all this way. I told your Dad that you were busy and now the kids are missing school. This is an awful lot of to do about nothing. Stacey, in my top drawer, in my mad money wallet is $80. You all go out to dinner and I will have a chocolate shake when you come back.’

‘Okay, Grandma. I love you.’

‘I love you too, Sweetie.’

The yellow flowers were beautiful. And I told her she’d wear that dress again.

My other life is much more manageable, of course. In the one I’ve been given, there is no Dad. There is no Mom. There is me, and there is Jamie. There is no spaghetti and the blue dress is long since gone. But the yellow flowers, they will be beautiful.

I love you, Grandma.

I love you too, Sweetie.