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“You know, That Guy….”

4 Oct

Welcome to the first post on The Grandma Blog. There is a great amount of responsibility in caring for the elderly and almost no care or relief for care givers. These posts are meant to be a few funny minutes for those caring for an elderly person of their own. For more information on our situation, how this is just for fun and the dedication we have to the care of our Grandma, please visit the about page.


I will introduce Grandma with a detailed explanation of her favorite game, “You know, That Guy….”. We spend a great amount of our time playing and plan on posting recent games so you too can play along at home. The rules are simple and predicated on Grandma’s inability to recall names of famous people. The most frustrating part of You know, That Guy is that you are never aware you’re playing it until it’s too late to decline. It begins like this:

A shout from Grandma’s room where she is currently watching the news, usually and unfortunately Fox news, or if a slow news day, an outdated sitcom, “Who was the guy he was in that movie with?”

Entering the room to check the television for a clue as to what she is talking about and finding only a commercial, you respond: “What guy?”

Once she utters the next phrase the game is officially on. “You know, That Guy.”

From this point forward the games gets trickier and is a lot like feeling your way around in the dark. The game is not to be confused with Twenty Questions. You do not have twenty guesses to identify this mystery celebrity, actor, politician, singer, guy that used to be the Brawny paper towel guy or who ever in the hell she is thinking of but can’t recall. After three or four guesses she will become highly agitated, so start broad and think in terms of eras rather than decades.

I will generally start with, “Has he ever been on Lawrence Welk?” because this classic Grandma reference sweeps from 1951-1982, a pretty decent chunk of Grandma’s TV watching life. Also, talking about Lawrence Welk is always welcome in Grandmaville.

Unfortunately nine times out of ten the answer is no. Though this will buy you a momentary delay of game as you revisit the fact that Lawrence Welk is dead (bonus points if you can tell her the year he ‘passed on’, it’s 1992) but that if we wanted to, we could still go see his show with some remaining cast members that runs in Branson, Missouri.

After this brief delay Grandma will try, through a series of extraordinarily vague clues, to move you closer to the the decade and the nature or profession of the guy in question. “He was in that movie, you know, with Russia and that other guy that I like that’s bald, he’s in it too…oh, and he’s on TV.”

More rules: Guess number two must be an actual name and not a follow up question. In her mind you have already been provided all of the information you need to deliver the name of the unknown (now assumed to be actor) person.

I like to try Harrison Ford as a general rule. She likes him (but do not mention Calista Flockhart) so it won’t piss her off that he’s being suggested. That and he has been in an assload of movies. Of course, it is not Harrison Ford. Her agitation is now approaching code yellow. In a raised voice you will be given your final clue.

“NO. NOT HARRISON FORD. I KNOW WHO HARRISON FORD IS. THIS GUY WAS IN THAT MOVE WITH HIM AND WE JUST SAW HIM IN THE DEBATES.” (aside: by ‘debates’ she means Republican National Convention, which you would know had you spent two solid weeks being questioned as to when the ‘debates’ were coming on and being reminded daily that she wanted to make sure to watch them)

Which bring us to third and final try before Grandma gets pissed and huffs a breathy, “just forget it…”, so make it good. If you guessed Fred Thompson you’re a gifted You know, That Guy” player and are ready to go toe to toe with Grandma.

If you missed it, the buried clues were: Hunt for Red October, Law and Order and the RNC. I hope you’ll play along often.

Lastly, there is no prize for correctly answering You know, That Guy, other than getting to be done with the game and fix Grandma a snack. This provides an opportunity to return to the kitchen, grab the hidden bottle of vodka from under the sink and top off your cocktail before Lawrence Welk. He comes on at 7:00 you know.